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9B Unit 2 Reading 2知识点归纳

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9B Unit 2  Reading 2知识点归纳

  1. Moving to Mars
move (v.) 1)___________ (汉语意思)move to … _____________(汉语意思)
move into …___________ (汉语意思)move house _____________(汉语意思)
His family ________ ________ Nanjing in 2000. 他家在2000年搬到南京。
They ________ ________ a new ________ yesterday. 他们昨天搬进了一套新公寓。
A:We _______ __________(搬家)last week. B: Congratulations!
2) _________ (汉语意思)
We could _________ someone __________ in the room. 我们能听到屋里有人在走动。
3)_________ (汉语意思)
The story __________ us ___________. 这个故事深深打动了我们。
All of them ________ _________ to tears. 他们所有人都被感动得潸然泪下。
词形变化:_________ ________ ( adj.) __________(n.)
The trip ______ the poor area is a deeply _________ _________.
The film ________ ________ ___________. 这部电影很感人。
The man _______still (静止的)in the long grass, knowing that _________ _________ would ______ _______ by the police.
●movie _________ (汉语意思)_______国英语意为f__________
  1. At the moment, it may be difficult to imagine, but many people believe that we will live on the planet Mars by the year 2100.
  2. at the moment ____________ (汉语意思)相当于_________
They ______ _________ a meeting _______ _______ _________.此刻他们正在开会。
常与moment搭配的词组有:in a moment ___________ a moment later ___________
at that very moment___________  of the moment  红极一时,盛行一时
the moment of truth 考验的时刻  for the moment 目前暂时
B: imagine ( v. ) _________ __________ (汉语意思)
  1. imagine +n.
I can’t __________ life ___________ children now. 我现在无法想象没有了孩子们的生活。
2)imagine +宾语从句
Close your eyes and _________ ________ you _________ in the park.
Can you ________ ________ life _______ ________ _______ in the _________.
We _______ ________ how ______ _______ the problem _______ you.
Just imagine ___________ ___________.  设想一下,发生什么事了?
3) imagine doing sth. _____________(汉语意思)
She ________ _________ in the restaurant and ________ a ________ _________.
Can you ________ __________ ________ money?     你能想象没有钱的生活吗?
词形变化:____________ (n.) __________ ___________(汉语意思)
He is a boy ________ a ______ of ____________. 他是个富有想象力的男孩。
Don’t use too much _______________. 不要一味凭空想象。
Use your __________ to ________ ________ ________ .  运用你的想象力来寻找答案
_______________ ( adj.) __________ ___________(汉语意思)
I think it’s ________ ____________ idea. 我认为那是个有创意的想法。
My cousin is _______ ______________ _________. 我的表弟是个有创意的男孩。
  1. Our own planet, Earth, is becoming more and more crowded and polluted.
1)crowded (adj.) ___________ ___________(汉语意思)
The supermarket is ___________ _________ people.这个超市里挤满了人。
The buses ______ __________ at holidays.假日里汽车很拥挤。
词形变化:___________ (n.) ___________(汉语意思)
The little boy pushed his way ___________ the ___________. 这个小男孩在人群中往前挤。
They ___________ _________ the ___________.  他们消失在人群中.
___________ (v.) ___________  聚集,聚拢(汉语意思)
Thousands of people __________ the __________. 成千上万的人把街道挤得水泄不通。
Memories __________ his m___________. 往事涌上他的心头。
We _______ around the ________ ______ keep _________. 我们挤在炉边取暖。
The students ___________ _________the teacher________ ____________ _________ .
  1. pollute(v.) __________ ( adj.) ______________ (n.)
选词填空:The river is ___________.
___________ air is harmful to the living things.
Waste gas from cars __________ the air.
There’s less ___________ in the country than in the city.
It’s our ________ to do something to prevent the ___________ ___________.
The river________ __________ by chemicals.  这条河被化学物质污染了。
  1. Hopefully, we can start and bukld a better world on Mars.
hopefully (adv.) __________ ____________ ___________(汉语意思)
____________ (adj.) ___________ (v.)
选用上面的词填空:1)___________ we will pas the exam.
2)______________ he will be chosen to be the monitor.
3)“May I go shopping with you ?” she asked ____________.
4)I feel _________ that our team will win the match.
5)He is not ________ about the result of the exam.
6)The future seems very __________.前景似乎很乐观。
  1. First of all, transport would be much better.
  2. first of all __________ _________(汉语意思)用来强调在所有的事情中首先要做的事。
_______ _____ _______, clean your hands. 首先,把你的手洗干净。
______ _____ _______, let me ask you some questions. 首先,让我问你几个问题。
 firstly, at first, first 均用意引出一系列的事实、理由、意见等。但firstly更多地用于英国英语中。而at first用以讲述最初阶段的情况,尤其指与后来的不同情况相比较。
______ ______, I found it difficult, but now I can do it.一开始我发现有点难但是现在会做了。
_______ ________, I couldn’t believe my ears. But now I have to accept the fact.
There’re many things _____ ______. But _______ _____ _____,let me say something about the work.   有很多事情要做。但是首先我想就这项工作说几句。
There are ewo reasons for thies decision. ______ the task is easy to finish, _________ it can make us feel relaxed.
2)transport (vt.)________ ________ _________(汉语意思)
In the past, people here __________ __________ by boat. 过去这儿的人用船来运送旅客。
The book __________ you to _________ world. 这本书可以把你带到另一个世界。
作可数名词意为:________ _________ _________
We need some ___________. 我们需要一些运输车。
作不可数名词意为:________ _________ _________
You should have your _______ ___________. 你应该有你自己的交通工具。
Many people go to work _________ ________ ________. 许多人乘坐公共交通工具上班。
  1. At present, our spacecraft are too slow to carry large numbers of people to Mars.
a number of 表示________的意思,后接可数名词______数。the number of 表示_______的意思,后接可数名词的______数,做主语时,谓语动词要用______ 数形式。
HainanIsland__________ ____ __________ ______ ________ every year.
_______ ________ ________ students in our class ______ fifty.我们班有50名学生。
a large number of 和large numbers of 也表示_______的意思,后接可数名词____数。
There are _____ ________ _________ _____ _______in the forest. 森林里有很多树。
= There are ________ _________ _______ _______ in the forest.
7…that travel at the half speed of light以光速一半的速度旅行
speed (n.) _________ (汉语意思)
at high / low / full / top speed, travel at the speed of light / sound
The train is traveling_____ _____ ________ ______60_____ _____ _______.
You work____ _____ ________. 你工作起来速度奇快.
8.Humans need food, water and air to survive.
survive(vi.),意思是_________ ______ _________
Of the six people in the plane that crashed, ______ ______ _________.
survive (vt.),意思是_________ ______ _________ 
They________ the ___________. = They ________ in the ________.
词形变化:____________ (n.)
They must ________ for ____________. 他们必须为生存而拼搏。
The __________ of the fittest. 适者生存。(习语)
9.Scientists will develop plants that can grow on Mars.
develop 词性______ 词义______ _______
The company _______ ______ ______ ______. 这家公司开发了许多新产品。
develop 用作动词,还可以表示_____ ______ _______ 的意思
Our country is _______ ________ _______ _______ 我们国家发展得越来越强大。
The child is _______ ________ 这个小孩发育正常。
联想: develop 的形容词____________(词义______) 和_____________(词义______ ________ _______)名词是______________(词义______ ______ _______)
Chinais a ________ ________ while America is a _______ ________.
The boy is highly ___________. 这个男孩很成熟。
People will live ______ _______ _______ with the __________ _______ our country.
10 Gravity may be a problem for the early setttlers on Mars.
setttler (n.) ____________(汉语意思)
These __________ ________from America.  这些定居者来自美国。
Those______ ________ _______ ______America.  那些是移居美国的加拿大人。
11The gravity on Mars is only about three-eighths of that on Earth.
英语中的分数是这样表达的:用_____表示分子,用_____表示分母。除了分子为_____外,其他情况,分母均为_____的____数来表达。分数线可用_____表达,也可不用。如三分之一________ 三分之二________.
如:我们学校五分之三的老师是女老师_____________ of teachers in our school_______ women teachers.
三分之二的雪地被雪覆盖。_________ of the land _______ covered by snow.
(改错)Two thirdstudents in our class like watching football.  ________________
            A     B              C     D
特例:_________________ 1/2, ________________ ( 1/4)  ________________ (3/4)
12 This may be dangerous because we could easily jump too high and float away into space.  此句中的could 是一种______的说法,但语气比_____要弱。
float用作动词,意思______ _______如木头能浮起来。Wood _______________________
float用作名词, float 用在车俩上,表示_______ float 用在钓鱼上,表示________________
float 用在游泳上,表示________ float 用在饮料上,表示__________________
13 To prevent this, human on Mars have to wear special boots to make themselves heavier.
prevent 的词组__________________ 表示阻止某人做某事,可与___________________互换。如: 树阻止风把土吹走。________________________________________________ ,
_________________________________ , ___________________________________________
Make +宾语+宾语补足语宾语补足语可以是adj. n.. v(原形)和v(过去分词)
如: 雨天让他伤心。____________________________________________________
14 These boots will probably become very fashionable …
fashionable (adj.) _________ ________ __________(汉语意思)
These boots will probably __________ __________ and _________ __________.
_______ ________ _________ ___________ now.  现在流行短发.
_________ (n.) 意思是“(服装、行为的)风尚”“时髦”“样式”。
I don’t like the _________ of that coat. 我不喜欢那件上衣的式样。
15 Compared with life on Earth, life on Mars will be better in many ways.
1) 我的头发比你的长。My hair is longer than _______
这儿的天气比大连的热。The weather here is ______ than ______________
in many ways 意思______________ 词组: 顺便说一下_____________ 在某人去……的路上_________________ in one’s way ___________ 没门儿_______________
2) compare … with… __________________(汉语意思)
Let’s _________ life on Earth _______ life _____ _________.
We _________ __________ the first __________ ______ the second.
16 There will probably be no schools on Mars._____________________________________
probably 词性_______ 表示可能性大。你很有可能是对的。_________________________
no 相当于_______ ________ ________ 这里的no schools 相当于________________
17 Every student wil have a computer at home connected to an interplanetary network.
connect….. to……..
把电脑和电视相连. Connect the _____________ ________ the TV set.
18 Food will not be the same. Meals will probably be in the form of pills and will not be as tasty as they are today.
tasty 词性______ 词义____________ 如我们需要一些好吃的东西。__________________
taste 用作连系动词后跟_______ 如这鱼尝起来好吃。_____________________________
taste用作名词意思__________ 如这道菜有种独特的味道。_________________________
19 The space shuttles travel fast, but the journey to Mars may be very uncomfortable.
shuttle用作名词,表示_______________ space shuttle就相当于______________
shuttle用作动词,表示_______________如: 他的童年是在父母之间穿梭往来中度过的。Her childhood was spent ________between her father and mother.
uncomfortable 是________的反义词,意思______________ 这种构词法的词有:
able ______, necessary_______, important____________etc.
1. People must be prevented from ______________(change) the wetland into buildings.
2 .I can’t _______________ (imaginative) that.
3 .____________ (live) in a big flat is very comfortable.
4 .His boss made him __________ (work) all day.
1 航天飞船将以一半光速的速度航行。
Space shuttles will ________________________________________________
2 在未来的十年内,每个家庭都极有可能拥有小轿车。
Owning a car for each family is _______________ in the future ten years.
3 干燥的食物能被储存好几个月。
Dried food________________________________ for months.
4 我们为那些无家可归的人提供一些食物和水。
We ____________________________ the homeless.
5 太危险了,不能过马路。It is ___________________________________________
  1. 搬迁,搬到…,搬进…,搬家,moved to, moved into flat, moved house, 2) 移动,moved deeply, were moved, moving moved movement, to moving experience, is very moving, lay any movement be seen, 电影,美,film
  2. A: 此刻,现在,now,  are having at the moment, 马上立刻,过了一会儿,就在那时,
B:想像设想,1)imagine without, 2) imagine that are ,imagine what would be like future, can’t imagine to solve without, what happened, 3)想像做某事,imagined sitting eating big dinner, imagine living without, imagination 想像力想像,with lot imagination, imagination, imagination look for answers, imaginative 富于想像的创新的,an imaginative, an imaginative boy
3. 1) 人太多的拥挤的,crowded with, are crowded, crowd 人群,through crowd, disappeared among crowd, crowd 挤满,crowded street, crowded mind, crowded stove to warm, crowded around to ask questions,
2) polluted  pollution , polluted, Polluted, pollutes, pollution, duty environment pollution, is polluted
4. 有希望地可以指望怀有希望地,hopeful hope, 1)Hopefully 2) Hopefully3) hopefully
4) hopeful 5) hopeful 6) hopeful
5.1)第一首先,First of all , First of all, to do, first of all, Firstly secondly,
2) 运输运送输送,transported passengers, transports another, 运输船运送输送,transports,
交通运输系统交通车辆运输,own transport, by public transport
6. 许多,复,…的数量,复,单,attracts a number of tourists, The number of is, 许多复,a large number of trees, large numbers of trees
7.速度,at the speed of miles per hour, at high speed
8. 生存存活幸存,  only one survived, 幸存幸免于难挺过,survived earthquake survived earthquake, survival, fight survival, survival
9.动词开发研制,developed many new products, 发展壮大发育,developing stronger and stronger, developing normally , developing 发展的,, developed 发达的高度发展的成熟的,, development 发展发育研制,developing country  developed country, developed, better and better, development of
10. 定居者,settlers are, are Canadian settlers in
11. 基数词序数词1 序数词复连字符,one-third two-thirds, Three-fifths are, Two-thirds is, A Two-thirds, a half   a quarter  three quarters
12.委婉can, 飘动漂浮can float, 彩车,鱼漂浮子,学游泳的浮板,加冰激凌的饮料,
13.prevent sb. from doing sth.  keep / stop sb. from doing sth. , Trees prevent the wind from blowing the earth away.  Trees keep / stop the wind from blowing the earth away. Rainy days make her sad.  What made you so happy. We made him our monitor. He often makes us laugh.
Speak louder to make yourself heard.
14. 时髦的时兴的流行的,become more more fashionable, Short hair is fashionable, fashion, fashion , fashion show
15.1) yours, hotter that in Dalian, 在许多方面,by the way ,on one’s way to …,挡着某人的路,不行没门儿
2) 把…和…比较,compare with on Mars, carefully compared report with,
16.副词,You’re probably right. no one, not any, not a , not any schools
17.computer to
18. 形容词,美味的可口的,We need something tasty to eat. , 形容词The fish tastes delicious. , 味道滋味,This dish has an unusual taste.,
19. 来往于两地之间的航班航天飞机,shuttle, We can use shuttles to travel to the moon., 频繁往来于两地之间的往返运送,shuttling, comfortable  使人不舒服的感到不舒服的,
Unable, unnecessary, unimportant.
一1.changing 2. imagine 3. Living  4 work
二1. travel at half the speed of light.
 2. highly possible
3. can be stored
4. provided some food and water for
5. too dangerous to cross the road